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Wallem Maritime Services, Inc. (WMSI) commenced crewing operations in the Philippines in 1970 as a department of Wallem Philippines Shipping, Inc. (WPSI Ship Agency). It has already been an industry player for six years before its incorporation in 1976.

Over the years, WMSI led in continuously upgrading service quality to principals that as early as 1988, it was elevated by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to its Hall of Fame for consistently receiving awards for service distinction.

News and Annoncements

It's a Yellow Valentine
Yellow. It is the color that represents the intellect and connotes optimism and cheerfulness. It is also the color of warmth and hope, the feeling of being energized, and for this year, it is the color of Valentines Day for us.

To rekindle our campaign of honoring our TRIPLE* values, we have designated every 2nd Friday of the month as a color-coded workday. For this month, we chose yellow, the color of new ideas, the color that helps us find new ways of doing things. Yellow, is therefore, the color of resourcefulness - a TRIPLE value at work when we go out of our way to solve a challenge; when we do not accept no for an answer, and instead look for creative and innovative solutions. One of the existing principals of WMSI once said that the reason they prefer Wallem is because "we make the impossible, possible." A shout-out to the color yellow then - and to all our resourceful team members in WPSI and WMSI who continue to practice TRIPLE for others to emulate and sustain. *TRIPLE represent Generation Wallem's corporate values and stands for Teamwork, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Professionalism, Loyalty, and Excellence.

Upholding People Management through MLC Certification

For more than four decades now, Wallem Maritime Services, Inc. (WMSI) had been at the helm of responsible crewing in the Philippine seafaring industry. A veteran Hall of Famer of POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) and a recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence, WMSI had gone to great lengths to preserve its uncompromising commitment to quality and corporate citizenship.

As of February 2013, WMSI is proud to announce its voluntary compliance with ”Standard for Certification of Crew Manning Offices, Private Recruitment and Placement Services – 3.404” of the Maritime Labor Convention 2006, as certified by DnV.

Early On. Despite WMSI’s ISO compliance in as early as 1999, there were significant adjustments and revisions that had to be put in place in order to ensure that the requirements of MLC 2006 were satisfied with verifiable evidence. The Quality Team of WMSI worked closely with the different departments starting last quarter of 2012, in preparation for the audit.

Not Just For Compliance. More than just being able to satisfy the requirements of the Convention, WMSI was keen on strengthening the assurance that its people are indeed its key asset. “We wanted to show our stakeholders that we are serious and discerning people managers” says WMSI President Mme. Cristina Oben-Nazareno. “This achievement means more for our seafarers, for whom our welfare programs have always been a top priority.”

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Seafarers, can also enjoy the same web-based solutions through Mariners' Homeport, a portal for seafarers and allottees of WMSI. By logging in through assigned identities, information and personal details of the seafarer are available, including records of allotment and contributions updated in real time.